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Group General Introduction

1988: NAP Acoustics (South East Asia) Pte Ltd established in Singapore.

1992: NAP Acoustics (Far East) Ltd) established in Hong Kong.

1999: Supreme Holdings Ltd established in Hong Kong.

1999: Supreme Acoustics Research Ltd established in Hong Kong.

2003: Supreme Environmental Research (Shenzhen) Ltd established in mainland China.

2013: Supreme Nap Acoustics (Huizhou) Ltd established in mainland China.

2013: Supreme Nap Acoustics (Huizhou) Ltd Laboratory established in mainland China.

2015: NAP Acoustics Technologies (Shenzhen Qianhai) Ltd established in mainland China.


To improve people’s quality of life resulting in a highly harmonious society by reducing noise pollution through sustainable development

Core Values of SNAP

S – Sustainable development on Innovative and Diverse Services and Products  

U – Unfailing efforts for Excellence

P – Pride in doing the Right Thing and doing it Well

N – Nurture of Talent

A – Achieving Value for our Customers and Stakeholders

P – Professionalism and Passion

NAP Acoustics (Far East) Ltd. – Company Profile

Established in 1992 in Hong Kong, NAP Acoustics (Far East) Ltd. is engaged in the business of Design, Supply and Installation of Acoustic Treatments, Noise and Vibration Control Products.

Production plants and testing laboratories have been established to Achieving Value for our Customers and Stakeholders.

We supply a wide range of high quality products, such as:

Duct Silencers, Acoustic Splitters, Acoustic Louvres, Acoustic Doors, Acoustic Barriers, Acoustic Linings, Audiometric Rooms, Modular Type Acoustic Enclosures, Timber Sound absorption Panels.

Besides SNAPAcoustics noise control products, NAP Acoustics is also the distributor of the following products:

Embelton (Australia) ----- Vibration Isolators, Floating Floor, Isolated Walls and Ceilings.

Renhurst (Australia) ----- Acoustic Metal Ceilings, Acoustic Linings.

Zero (USA) ----- Acoustic Door and Window Seals.

Amorim (Portugal) ----- Vibration Control Products.

Texaa (France) ----- Acoustic Fabric Wall Covering & Blinds.

SMC (Australia) ----- Acoustic Foams, Flexible Noise Barriers.

Polycasa (Germany) ----- Transparency Sound Barrier.

Fuso (Japan) ----- Acoustic Door

NAP Acoustics has extensive practical experience in solving a wide variety of complex noise reduction problems. For the complete series of services ranging from noise survey, measurement, analysis to project design, planning and installation, etc., NAP Acoustics will offer professional services, aim at providing cost effective and practical solutions to individual problems, built and designed with pride quality in mind.

NAP Acoustics has earned a reputation for the quality of its products and services, and a sound practical approach to the needs of clients. The Company has formalized its quality policy by putting in place a quality management / quality assurance systems that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008.

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