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Product Name Introduction
SNAPAcoustics Northern Dipper series – ‘Soundscape Optimizer’ Tonal noise of the ventilating and air-conditioning system caused BUZZING in our ears, affecting our living comfort, productivity and mental health. SNAPAcoustics Northern Dipper series – ‘Soundscape Optimizer’ is a newly innovative product which is developed to tackle the tonality problem and intensify the noise attenuation of low and high frequencies, resulting in a more uniform noise reduction performance and an acoustically natural environment, hence a better quality of life.
SNAPAcoustics Northern Dipper series – ‘Soundscape Optimizer’
MAPPYSILENT Imported from Italy, MAPPYSILENT is a thin, flexible and eco-friendly acoustic barrier suitable for use in all cases where sound insulation material is required, such as sound insulation of operating machineries, pipework and air duct; vibration isolation of metal structure, sheet metal, glass and resin or acoustic insulation of drywalls on walls and ceilings.
SNAPAcoustics Shock Absorbing Sports Flooring Systems Economical and comfortable shock absorbing floating floor systems designed by Supreme-NAP in response to the large-scale development of the sports fitness industry where there’s a growing need for safety sport floors. SNAPAcoustics Pro-floating Floor Shock Absorbing Mat Systems are scientifically designed and tested according to the international standards and are excellent choice to protect the wellness of people.
SNAPAcoustics Shock Absorbing Sports Flooring Systems
SNAPAcoustics New Era Silencers.Beyond "Nano Series" An innovative and thoughtful product by Supreme-NAP designed with slim appearance to tackle the air ventilating noise for environment with space constraint.  It is suitable to apply with typical FCU units and is a perfect solution for hotel rooms to eliminate tonal noise, providing a silent and pleasant experience of stay for the guests.  SNAPAcoustics ‘Nano Series’ Silencers are also applicable to cooling towers and air-cooled chillers.
SNAPAcoustics New Era Silencers.Beyond
SNAPAcoustics New Era Cross-Talk Silencer Effective noise attenuating device to reduce cross-talk noises between adjacent rooms and ensure speech privacy. Applicable to open ceiling design, or suspended ceiling system without return air duct, enabling more spacious environment while an acoustic comfortable working condition is maintained.
SNAPAcoustics New Era Cross-Talk Silencer
SNAPAcoustics Transparent Noise Attenuators Designed for installation with openable windows to effectively reduce outdoor noises while maintaining natural ventilation. This is an innovative and environmental friendly acoustic solution which not only helps to restore a quiet living environment for the residents but also reduce energy consumption.
SNAPAcoustics Transparent Noise Attenuators
SNAPAcoustics 'All-weather Bidirectional’ Melinex Lined Silencers Developed for use in special environment such as green building, clean rooms, food processing plants and kitchens. The Melinex polyester film acts as an impervious cover for the acoustic infill to prevent fibre erosion and maintains the indoor air quality at a good standard.
SNAPAcoustics 'All-weather Bidirectional’  Melinex Lined Silencers
SNAPAcoustics "All-weather Bidirectional" Low Frequency Enhanced Silencers SNAPAcoustics All-weather Bidirectional Low Frequency Enhanced Silencer is an innovative design developed for the control of pure tone noise at 100 to 160 Hz which typically emitted from chillers, cooling towers, axial fans and transformers. It can be used in outdoor application and grease laden environments where conventional absorptive type silencers clog up and become ineffective.