Acoustic Enclosures


“Acoustic Enclosures”

Usually, high level of noise in plant rooms is associated with one or two specific items of plant. An effective reduction in plant room noise level could be achieved by enclosing the major noise sources in a purpose built acoustic enclosure.

Acoustic Enclosures are proven, well-developed, tested and economical modular acoustic panel system.

‧ Transmission loss, including all components, up to STC 55

‧ Quick and easy installation

‧ Easily disassembled for machine overhaul and repair

‧ Materials used are of fire resistant/retardant grade

‧ Acoustic doors, inspection windows and external control panels to allow access and inspection by maintenance personnel

‧ Silencers and acoustic louvres available to suit airflow requirements

‧ Panel thickness from 25 to 200 mm to meet different design criteria