Noise Barriers System


With growing environmental concern from highway traffic noise to its effect on the surrounding households effective and visually pleasing noise abatement is the main consideration of acoustic engineers. Absorptive Noise Barriers, Transparent Sound-proofing Barriers and Noise Reducers provide the best choice.

Absorptive Type

‧ STC rating up to 47 dB; NRC over 0.95

‧ Minimal noise leakage due to special snap lock design

‧ No H-joiner is required but using horizontal joint to reduce water ingress

‧ 2 hours fire resistance rating in accordance with BS476 Part 20-22

Transparent Type

‧ Excellent acoustic performance, STC rating over 30dB

‧ Minimal visual disruption to the environment; transparency index over 85%

‧ UV protected coating for improved weathering properties

‧ Special coating to allow the panel to be cleaned by rain naturally on site, without the need for specialized cleaning agents