Acoustic Steel Doors


Noise leakage through the gaps around a door would seriously affect the acoustic performance of the partition and doorset as a whole. Acoustic Timber or Steel Doors are highly rccommended because of their excellent sound insulation capability and superior sealing system.

Acoustic Doors are widely used in concert halls, conference rooms, TV and radio studios, cinemas, opera houses, cultural centres, generator rooms, air-conditioning plant rooms, laboratories, electricity sub-stations and control rooms, etc.

‧ Special designs using edge absorption principle, pneumatic seal system and neoprene gaskets to achieve transmission loss up to STC 55

‧ Use two separate parallel leaves to achieve up to STC 80

‧ Fire rating up to 3 hours (AS 1530)

‧ Hinged doors and sliding doors available

‧ Available in different sizes up to 16 m x 15 m

‧ Supplied with purpose designed NAP Ball Bearing Hinges and various hardware to suit architectural aesthetic requirements