Testing Booth (product noise testing)


Super-Quiet Booths

The function of a “Super-quiet Booth” is to offer satisfactory acoustical environment so that various activities can be conducted without noise interference from outside. Typical applications are for hearing test (Audiometric Room), product noise testing (Testing Booth) and control room inside workshop (Personnel Enclosure). Our professional engineers are well-experienced in designing and building the Super-quiet Booth to suit individual need.

 “Super-quiet Booths” have excellent sound attenuation and fire resistant performance.

‧ Noise reduction up to 50dB(A), meeting the requirements of national standards

‧ High absorption at all frequencies preventing standing waves

‧ Standard accessories including air relief silencers,double-glazed windows,anti-vibration mounts,access doors,etc

‧ Various sizes available to allow great flexibility

‧ Galvanized steel, aluminium and stainless steel construction available

‧ Aesthetically designed to meet the high demand of interior designers

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